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Introducing our DIY Lashes Kit, the perfect solution for achieving stunning lashes from the comfort of your home. Our kit includes high-quality, cruelty-free lashes made from premium synthetic fibers that mimic the natural look of real lashes.

Customize Your Look!

With easy-to-follow instructions, you'll be able to customize your lash length and volume to suit your desired style. The kit also comes with a gentle adhesive that ensures a long-lasting hold without causing any damage to your natural lashes.

Say goodbye to expensive salon visits and hello to beautifully enhanced lashes whenever you desire. Enhance your eyes and boost your confidence with our DIY Lashes Kit today!

Wear them anytime and anywhere!

The most softest and fluffiest eyelash clusters ever designed ,with a thin fine lash band and premium fibers that allow you to create seamless lash extension looks and wear them comfortably all day and all night! 


Each cluster lash can be reusable up to 10 times, at the very least and various styles can be created within a few minutes. So skip the 2 hour lash appointment and take advantage of this everlasting trend!


Enhance your eye look with our extensive eyelash collection.


The very popular individual lashes are now available, and it is especially worth highlighting that our lashes can provide 280 lashes in one tray! The blended lengths range from 9mm to 18mm, all lash curls. 

Our DIY lashes will not irritate or damage your natural lashes, they are comfortable and skin-friendly. Our DIY lashes are very soft, very light, and won't weigh you down. You can wear them all day without discomfort.

Natural Like Your Own Lashes:

With our variety of lash lengths you can easily achieve a natural or dramatic look. In addition, they can be removed cleanly by the adhesive remover without any worries at all. 

High Quality & Reusable:

Our lashes look real, the effect is gorgeous and the clusters don't fall apart easily. With proper care, they are reusable. Easy to remove, these individual lashes won't break when you remove them from the liner with tweezers. Soft, lightweight, vegan, matte black.

*** Not Animal Tested ***

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